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In-line Filtration

Safeguarding your downstream equipment is vital!

That’s why installing a Tiger Filtration element to provide high-quality air & maximum protection to your systems and processes is essential – failure to do so can lead to:

  • Damaged production equipment

  • System breakdowns

  • Increased running costs

  • Production down-time

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of alternative in-line filter elements in the market today.


Our products are completely interchangeable with the leading names from the compressed air industry and are manufactured in our modern facility in Sunderland, UK.

Our products have been independently tested and are proven to perform “as good, if not better” than the original equipment manufacturer. In acquiring our quality certification – we continuously work with the Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA) in Duisburg, Germany – in accordance with ISO 8573 & ISO 12500 quality standards; our products meet or exceed the performance of their original counterparts – contact us for a copy of our certification.

As well as standard compressed air, we manufacture a range of products to work within high temperature, sterile air, compressed natural gas (CNG) and hot ammonia.

For more information;

“as good,

if not better”

Additional products:

We can supply a range of condensate management systems, auto-drains, filter housing O-ring kits & activated carbon granules & other desiccants – contact us for further details.

“Recognised supply chain”

We can supply a range of condensate management systems, auto-drains, filter housing O-ring kits & activated carbon granules for use in the servicing of carbon towers – contact us for further details.

“Robust Design”

We work with the leading manufacturers of filtration media to ensure maximum particulate retention whilst maintaining exceptionally low levels of differential pressure throughout our product’s lifecycle. From installation to replacement – we guarantee complete satisfaction; or your money back.

“Intelligent Design”

Our standard elements utilise a polyester needlefelt anti-re-entrainment sleeve which is capable of withstanding a constant operating temperature of 120°C / 248°F. We also manufacture elements that perform in harsh environmental applications such as high temperatures & hot ammonia. Available at your request – elements can be supplied with reticulated foam outer sleeves.

“Solid Construction”

Our products are supplied as standard with both internal and external support cylinders.

“Customised Product Printing”

Your elements can be branded with your company details at no additional cost – call our team for further information.

“Rapid Requirements & Order Scheduling”

The vast majority of orders are despatched within 2-3 working days, we can accommodate for order scheduling/call-offs and in case of urgent demands – please contact us.

Tiger Filtration’s alternative range of in-line filter elements includes:

  • Abac
  • AFE
  • ALMiG
  • Alup
  • Atlas
  • Balston
  • Bambi
  • Bea Filtri
  • BOGE
  • Bottrarini
  • Ceccato
  • Champion
  • Compair
  • C.T.A
  • Deltech
  • Denco
  • Dominick Hunter / Parker
  • Ecoair
  • Filterworld
  • Friulair
  • FST
  • Hankison
  • Hi-Line
  • Hiross
  • HPC
  • Hydrovane
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Kaeser
  • KSI
  • Mark
  • Mattei
  • M.T.A.
  • Nano-Purification
  • Omega
  • OMI
  • Pall / PPC
  • Pneumatech
  • Puska
  • Sotras
  • Sullair
  • Ultrafilter / Donaldson
  • Van Air Systems
  • Walker Filtration
  • Worthington Creyssenac
  • Zander / Parker
  • Zeks