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Medical Autoclaves:

Autoclave filter elements are installed in critical applications where sterile air is needed to break the vacuum formed by the condensation of steam within the autoclave chamber.

Our alternative range of autoclave filter elements are designed to sustain 50 steam sterilisation cycles before a replacement is needed – the membrane is capable of removing particles down to 0.01micron – ensuring the safe removal of viruses, bacteria and bacteriophage.

“safe removal of viruses & bacteria.”

Our autoclave filter elements are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 285

Essential in the following medical fields:
Chiropody, Dentistry, Surgical and Veterinary.

“Intelligent Design”

Each filter is supplied with a detachable pre-filtration layer/sock which provides protection to the high-efficiency media.


Repeatedly autoclavable up to 50 cycles.

“Exceptional Quality”

Quality in line with the requirements of BS EN 285.

“Chemical/Corrosion Resistance”

Manufactured using corrosion-resistant materials & created to withstand demanding conditions.

“High Filtration Efficiency”

100% sterilizing efficiency and particulate removal down to 0.01micron.