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Oil Vapour Removal (OVR) Cartridges:

In applications where compressed air is required to meet ISO8573-1 Class 0 or Class 1 air quality – Tiger Filtration’s alternative to Parker Domnick hunter’s OVR Oil Vapour Removal Cartridges are a more economically viable and essential component of the compressed air treatment system.

TFL’s alternative to the Parker dh models are designed to reduce oil vapour, whilst mitigating the issues of traditional loose filled carbon towers in the same way as the original counterpart. OVR cartridges provide an increased contact time due to specially designed air channelling within the cartridge – this ensures continued performance, combats against heavy attrition of the adsorbent material and avoids blockage of downstream filters.

“ensuring a trouble-free service”

Tiger Filtration’s alternative OVR cartridges are manufactured using a “snow storm” filling technique which ensures an additional 12% carbon granules can settle within the construction. The use of cartridges also provides trouble-free maintenance, reducing system downtime.

The TFL alternative OVR cartridge series ensures consistent outlet air quality over 12 months of continuous operation.

“Built with simplicity in mind”

Our OVR cartridges are designed to ensure clean & effortless change-outs – resulting in minimum downtime.

“Effortlessly Interchangeable”

Built to replace the original OVR series; at a sensible price.

“Short Lead Time”

Our OVR cartridges are manufactured and despatched within 3-4 working days.